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What is an SEO PPC specialist you might be asking? SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization & PPC is short for Pay Per Click. At Byzz Plus we are both SEO and PPC specialists, so now you know you are in the right place!

As SEO industry leaders and with our SEO & PPC knowledge, experience and digital marketing advertising skills. We are here to guide and grow your online presence with our SEO & PPC strategies.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Since 2020 Byzz Plus we have helped 100s of businesses grow their market share with our Digital SEO & PPC marketing strategies. If you want your business to show up on the search result’s first page, then read on.

With our specialist SEO & PPC services & digital marketing, we can guarantee to improve your Google search results. Which in turn will grow your digital online presence, increasing your revenue.

What does a PPC specialist do?

A PPC specialist is someone who specialises in paid advertising campaigns. A PPC specialist’s role and job are to maximise quality SEO and advertiser ROI. Which will include planning PPC campaigns using different digital marketing strategies and monitoring and analysing content.

With PPC SEO digital marketing services, the advertisers pay a fee when someone views the ad. The ads are displayed across different social media platforms and websites including Google search engines.

As with an SEO specialist, PPC is a specialist role and is undertaken by someone with excellent SEO knowledge, skills, and work experience in digital marketing.

Is PPC better than SEO?

A good digital SEO strategy is better and more effective for local Google searches, whilst PPC is a digital marketing strategy to get your content, products or services in front of your chosen market. You have to spend money when every customer clicks on your ad.

Both marketing strategies use SEO and both need specialist SEO & PPC to get good search results. A PPC campaign can get results quicker, whilst just using SEO content can take a while and is an ongoing process.

If you are unsure of what’s best for your business, contact us. Talk to our marketing manager, who will be more than happy to give you the pro & cons of both services.

Pay Per Click Services

Choosing the right platform to build your website audience with PPC advertising is important. The most popular is Google AdWords. Google ads work together with a google search engine to place PPC ads at the top of the most searched keywords.

Dominate Competitors with Effective PPC Advertising

Byzz Plus is a UK-based award-winning SEO & PPC digital marketing specialist company. With our SEO & PPC experts, our PPC manager will design ad campaigns and will provide your company with marketing campaign results beyond your expectations.

Google Ads

We are experts in digital PPC marketing and digital strategies, We are focused on making sure each Google ad is aimed at your target market with keyword-rich content. We employ a team of creative SEO content writers to get the best results and increase your sales.

Facebook Ads

You can be assured using our PPC & SEO services, our experts with demographic knowledge and media targeting skills will spotlight your brand. Increase your web visibility to just the right market. 

PPC Marketing Jobs

Do you have what it takes to become a digital PPC specialist, it’s an exciting and rewarding industry to be involved in. As with any advertising job you need to be creative with excellent communication skills, both written and verbal with a good eye for details.

A PPC specialist’s roles and services will include the following

  • Build and design PPC campaigns
  • Monitor the PPC marketing campaign
  • Optimise and analyse the PPC campaign
  • Keyword research
  • Liaise with other team members

Some digital agencies use the services of freelance PPC content writers, here at Byzz Plus we have our very own professional experienced in-house specialists, with qualifications skills work ethics that are second to none.

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