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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimisation or SEO as its commonly known is a strategy used to improve a website’s visibility. Improving a website’s quality and quantity of people visiting. SEO is more about targeting un-paid web traffic rather than paid or direct traffic.

If you have a website which isn’t attracting customers or your site visits are decreasing, you will need to seek the assistance of a good marketing SEO Agency. You will be surprised to have your site packed with SEO-relevant keyword-specific content and the difference it makes. Our Marketing Agency Byzz Plus specialises in using our available SEO tools and resources to take your site to another level.

As a guide to what’s involved and what needs to be done to rank on a google search page, we have put together an article to describe the advantages of using quality SEO content and relevant keywords.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

As a guide for SEO Marketing for your site, we have written an article to explain the different types of SEO & marketing factors we use to make a difference. Everyone uses a search engine to find either products or information. When a potential customer types in a search request and it’s a product or service you sell, you need to be on the first page of a google search results.

As with any marketplace, the last thing you want is not to show up in the search results whether local search or organic search results. Whether you like it or not, having a well-constructed marketing plan which can drive organic traffic for free by just showing up in search results is what we all want.

If you would like to learn the process and factors of SEO to attract organic traffic and have the time. There are many online resources, tools & software to start you off. Although also ask yourself if these free tools are really going to achieve the results you rightly deserve. I can tell you now you will be disappointed, not only for wasting your time with incorrect SEO, marketing and keyword content that’s not so rich!

To rank on a google search why take chances, employ the services of an experienced SEO Marketing company and free up your time to concentrate on more important factors, like running your business and making money.

SEO & Google Search Engines

Search engines can be untamed beasts, to get a page to rank on Google you must as a guide have well-written SEO relevant keyword specific content. The idea is to drive organic traffic to pages with SEO, there are other options that can make a difference such as paid ads or PPC pay-per-click. In the digital world we are living in, everything is now available online. To make people visit your pages a good social media presence and well written keyword rich content will make a difference too.

The Different Types of SEO & SEO Strategies

We have listed below as a guide the main SEO (search engine optimization) that’s used in this industry to obtain results with google in a search. There are some SEO techniques you must not use or your web-site may be penalised by Google and end up not showing on search engine result pages.

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the way to go to rank with Google and drive traffic to your pages. Getting results using white hat SEO marketing techniques will improve a search engine ranking and not just on Google but other search engines like Bing too.

Some factors that need to happen to gain a web presence and show up on Google search engines we have listed below.

  • All content and articles must be keyword rich and also SEO descriptive and relevant to web pages. Time needs to be taken when writing good relevant and keyword rich content
  • Be sure your website and pages are easy to navigate, each web page must contain relevant content related to your website and be search engine friendly
  • Optimise web links with available tools

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the practice of trying to find weaknesses in search engines, such as Google. This type of SEO comprises mainly keyword stuffing, content cloaking, duplicate articles, spamming and buying links. It can work for a short period of time, but mostly has a negative impact on search engine rankings in the long run. We advise never even contemplate using black hat SEO.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is another risky attempt to get good search engine results by using ill-defined content. Using these marketing strategies will not result in getting banned by a search engine but will impact a site negatively.

On-Page SEO

On-page Seo is also known as on-site SEO, this SEO practice optimises web-pages, such as title tags, internal links, HTML Coding and URL images.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is marketing you do off your webpage, such as social media advertising, getting good reviews from people and using online forums to promote your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is to help google search engines crawl your page, index and interpret your content and website pages. A good way is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, this helps web spiders categorise pages based purely on content. Ensuring there are no errors on your website such as broken internal and external links is also important.

International SEO

If you have a website targeting an international audience you need to be sure your website is SEO-optimised for international traffic. This enables people to converse in their own language, not just English and buy items in their own currency.

Local SEO

Local SEO is aimed at people in your local area. If you have a pizza shop, for example, you would want to target people who are local to your business. If you’re using a Local SEO marketing strategy your page will rank higher in your local area, resulting in more business.

Which type of SEO should we use?

After reading the above, you should know the two SEO methods you must not be using, black hat or grey hat SEO marketing methods! Don’t learn the hard way when it comes to creating good meaningful SEO content.

Depending on what your business is and what audience you want to target determines the SEO you should be using. At Byzz+ as a guide, we concentrate on the three main digital marketing methods. Which are On-page, Off-page and technical SEO. If you are marketing in your local area then another one is Local SEO is imperative to get good results.

Getting websites to rank involves many different factors, there are no shortcuts to get the job done, and only one way to rank on a search engine and that’s the correct way. Life is a learning curve and over the years we have gained top-notch experience that over time has put us head and shoulders above other digital marketing agencies.

SEO & Google Search Engines

Creating SEO with keyword rich content and marketing is something you can learn to do yourself. Creating quality SEO that search engines such as google love is not so easy. Google is forever changing its algorithm and with google being the world’s number one search engine. To rank in google search results, you have to know your stuff, the average person does not have the time to learn about google and its algorithm.

Social Media with Relevant Content

Social media such as Facebook is where some people advertise their business but are you using Facebook to its full potential? Social media is a great platform to showcase your business using good content and keywords to direct people to a web page or website.

Search engines crawl social media pages too so it’s good to keep your content keyword related to drive traffic. Marketing your products correctly with keyword rich content and SEO is important, you need to keep ahead of your competitors.

Social media can work well for paid ads or PPC (pay-per-click) as part of our SEO marketing we can set up a PPC management program to get the desired page results and drive traffic.


Is it possible to do my own SEO?

Yes of course you can do your own SEO. If you have lots of free time to do SEO keyword research and write keyword rich content to direct traffic to your site. There are free tools available on internet sites, but do you trust them?

What are the major factors to rank on google?

There are many factors, but as a guide, keyword rich SEO content, relevant, quality back links, to name just three, there are many more relevant factors. If you need more info regarding SEO and the marketing tools we use, please get in touch.

Will having a good social media presence help will page visits?

Yes, Having quality content and informative information on a social media page can help you to achieve good results with Google. One of the huge factors is the use of SEO tools and techniques on a social media page to rank is a big must do.

Why should I invest money into SEO?

It’s going to be money well spent if you choose the right marketing agency. Here are three factors as a guide that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Quality content marketing
  • Your website traffic will increase with awesome creative content and relevant SEO keywords
  • At Byzz Plus we regularly audit your website by checking each page, whilst tracking your keyword SEO rankings

Why Choose Byzz Plus to take care of your SEO Content?

At Byzz Plus we have a very experienced marketing team who know how to use search engine friendly tools to get results and make a business grow. Our team fully understand search engine algorithms and using search engine marketing techniques with search engine optimization we get the results.

  • Using our SEO techniques will improve your online and organic search presence
  • Our SEO practises are second to none which ensures your website will rank highly on Google.
  • Our experienced team love to improve the functionality and look of websites
  • Using our proven SEO techniques will give you that competitive edge
  • We have a creative team of content writers to drive traffic to your pages
  • We use a proven digital marketing strategy to drive web traffic
  • At Byzz Plus we know how search engines work, and we know how to get great results with our SEO marketing skills.

We have helped over the years 100’s of businesses grow with our digital SEO and marketing. We are confident with our marketing and SEO in place on your website pages we can make a difference.

The name of the game is to get pages to rank in Google search engine results pages. This we do with our SEO marketing, and awesome keyword rich content as some of the tools in our arsenal. 

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