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Are you ready to unlock crazy growth in your business with our (SEO) search engine experts leading the way? The answer to that question most certainly has to be a resounding Yes! At Byzz Plus search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing is our core business.

If you want to get ahead in this digital world, digital marketing and a perfect SEO strategy are paramount. Search engines such as Google with their tricky and sometimes confusing algorithms are searching for keywords to rate websites on a Google search engine. 

Basically what we do is give Google the SEO data it’s looking for. With our SEO research resources and SEO digital marketing tools & skills, we are able to take a low-ranking website to SEO high quality & SEO high ranking website.

As SEO specialists we not going to tell you how it’s done but we will give you insight as an SEO expert into the processes & courses of action.   

Will your SEO help my business?

The answer to that question is, Yes undoubtedly! With our experts in SEO, we can 100% guarantee we will up your google ranking. Some might say that’s a bold statement but I can assure you as an award-winning SEO & digital marketing company, we can.

Without a good SEO strategy or the help of an SEO expert, your website will be dead in the water. If you need an SEO expert, don’t delay to get in touch with us today

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the art of improving your website visibility with the quality and quantity of visitors from search engines, such as Google. More visitors who find your website through an excellent SEO strategy means a higher level of sales. 

Having an SEO expert revise and review your current SEO content is super important. If for whatever reason your website content has not been optimised with SEO you cannot expect a good ranking.

SEO is paramount for every website to have visitors, don’t miss out seek an SEO expert to check your rankings and tell you how an SEO expert can improve your online presence with relevant SEO.

What are Search Engines?

A search engine is a software-designed program used to carry out web searches on behalf of the searcher. The search will bring up a list of results on whichever search engine you’re using. The whole idea of SEO is when a user searches for a product, item or service you are selling you are on the top of that list.

The popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. With our SEO experts and marketing skills & tools in place, you will start to see your website rank higher & higher across all platforms.

With our SEO skills and marketing strategies, you will not only have a top-rated website, but you will also become a top rated seller with huge product sales.

Different types of SEO (search engine optimization)

There are a few different types of SEO marketing strategies, some being upfront and honest, others being downright unscrupulous and underhand. If you talk with an SEO consultant and expert worth his salt, they will tell you is not the right way to go.


White hat SEO will improve your ranking with search engines like Google. An SEO marketing technique to achieve a higher ranking with search engines is to use quality easy-to-read content. 

Having a digital marketing company that uses best SEO practices and are SEO specialist is the way to go.  You need an SEO specialist that can get your Google ranking up with search engine optimization in the correct manner.

With correct SEO practices being used you will start to see results quicker than you think and all are achieved at a very affordable price.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO goes against all search engine guidelines, using unethical practices to get a website ranking higher. In fact, the opposite happens, search engines are smart little beasts and know when something isn’t quite right.

Which will actually mean your website will be penalised and ranked lower by Google and other search engines.  

To put it bluntly, there are no shortcuts with SEO, either do it correctly or not at all. If you are convinced a black hat SEO method is good for you, believe me, research shows website traffic will reduce drastically because your site won’t show up in search engine searches.

Don’t become one of these sites at a low level because of bad advice and bad SEO digital marketing strategy. Start as you mean to go on, and employ the best SEO and marketing teams with the correct policy you can afford. It pays dividends in the long run.

SEO Specialist

As we are SEO & marketing specialists we have created our own search engine journal, with “we know works” SEO strategies and marketing tactics. We have a proven track record with our SEO tactics. We have helped hundreds of companies gain a better online presence increasing both visibility and revenue.

As an SEO expert and digital marketing expert, it’s our job to bring your online presence to the forefront of all search results. 

What can a SEO Expert do for me?

An SEO expert & SEO specialist can do a multitude of things to grow your online presence. Our SEO marketing team follow a strict policy of staying within Google guidelines. Nothing our SEO guys do is underhand or unethical. Our main aim with our SEO expert as an SEO specialist would be to grow your online presence organically.   

You can be assured with our SEO expert at the helm, your path through the murky waters of the internet will be a safe and profitable journey.

On-Page SEO

If you know what you are doing, on-page SEO can be straightforward if you understand SEO & digital marketing. Search engines are looking for a good mix of good quality content. Which includes the amount of time people spend on a page, was that page relevant and of any use to a visitor. 

If your website has not been SEO optimised for sure you will not be in the first 10 on a Google search page. Not many people will click through to the second page of Google, would you?

At Byzz Plus, we create for our customer’s website keyword-rich SEO pages with up-to-date relevant information. Also looking at content, Meta descriptions, titles, tags and website structure.

SEO Website Structure

Questions you need to ask yourself are, Is your website easy to navigate, is the content easy to read, is the layout stylish, easy to find and accessible without search engine optimization?

If you have answered NO to any of the above or you are unsure, you need the help of an SEO digital marketing agency. Marketing is imperative along with SEO keyword research. Data shows without a good SEO manager with good digital marketing skills you’re missing out on transactions big-time!

Without starting over again and making the same SEO & digital marketing mistakes. Get an expert to look at and do some data research on your present site to see what needs to be done.

You will be surprised by the correct SEO in place and with relevant content and marketing tools that can be achieved by our experts.

SEO Audit

Our SEO expert would first look at your website design, checking page content, keywords, visibility, overall traffic and how it ranks on Google. With this data an SEO expert with know which courses of action need to be taken and see where to start to make changes.

Our digital marketing team with their skills and tools will be able to detect any errors from the website design to the lack of relevant SEO content. Our main goal will always be to have everyone as rated seller clients.

Let us with our SEO tools and with an SEO expert check your website today.

SEO Link Building

One way to show Google that your site is trustworthy and a good source of information is via link building. Which is basically encouraging another website to provide link to your website.

There is a multitude of ways to find backlinks to boost your website and earn a higher level on search engines. All are time-consuming, to find the best ways we would recommend enlist the help of SEO experts

The quality of SEO in today’s digital world and backlinks is more important than the content quantity. Quality over quantity will always win. To create quality backlinks you will need the help of digital marketing and SEO agency consultant. 

SEO Keyword Mapping

This process the assigning of SEO mapping keywords to specific pages based on keyword research. Our SEO experts based on research will be able to make SEO recommendations to add specific keywords to make a page more relevant.

With these SEO page optimisation tools, we keep in line with Google’s recommendations for relevant content.

Google My Business SEO

It’s a myth that only large companies can obtain good search engine rankings with their resources. Small companies can too with the services of affordable quality SEO experts.

People use Google for local searches, and for a business in their area. If you’re not paying attention to what your competitor is doing regarding SEO, believe us, you’re missing out.

SEO is about maximising your business’s exposure in your local area to maximise your sales and grow your business, for this you do need the help of an expert. A great way for local customers to find your website is to create a Google my business account.

You also need to take into consideration when creating a Google account is most of your competitors already have a Google my business account. To get your page to stand out you’re going to need an expert with SEO who has the skills.

SEO for eCommerce

eCommerce if you don’t know is selling services or products online. Making an eCommerce store nowadays is easy, with so many well-known companies with huge platforms to get someone up and running overnight.

But will it be successful as competition on these platforms is huge?  Probably not, which is a sign to use our digital marketing experts and SEO experts. We can have the e-commerce site up and running with awesome content in front of paying customers in no time at all.

Making use of our SEO and a knowledgeable SEO expert is not free but is very affordable. If you want to see your website start to make headway and increase online visibility, which in turn increases potential customers and more profit. 

Good SEO marketing and great relevant content says a lot. You can do your own research and check & read data but it will all come down to the same thing. To start to make a difference with your online presence you need fantastic digital marketing & SEO skills.

Why hire a professional SEO specialist 

With forever-changing algorithms to rank and become at a higher level within Google search engines, we have the resources of an SEO specialist to make a difference. Great digital marketing & SEO research is the only way for a business to grow in this day and age. 

SEO Marketing & SEO Strategies

Our SEO tools & marketing strategies are second to none. As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we have a wealth of SEO knowledge and tools along with creative content SEO writers.

We can guarantee with an SEO expert they will be able to identify SEO strategies, SEO techniques and SEO tactics to increase visitors to your website and obtain a high placement on a Google result search page

We have a team of quality SEO content writers who create easy-to-read content with relevant keywords to drive traffic to a website. These are just a few of the SEO tools and marketing strategies we use.

Having an SEO expert analyse a website and its content is critical to understanding and knowing which courses of action to take. Without an SEO expert or marketing plan, many websites fail!

Don’t you become a victim of a failing website, don’t let another day or hr pass, get help from an SEO expert today


Isn’t it just a case of tweaking a few settings?

I’m’ afraid there is a lot more to marketing & SEO than tweaking a few settings. SEO & marketing involves a lot of time in SEO researching & SEO marketing correctly. 

Can I do my own SEO?

Yes of course you can try and do your own SEO. There are plenty of SEO courses you can follow and take to give you an idea and plenty of resources online to read. All of this is very time-consuming. Why not leave it to an SEO & marketing expert, leaving you free time to do what you do best, run your business? 

If I have Social Media isn’t that enough?

Social media has great sharing tools such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, it’s easy to post content, create a sort of blog with photos, and get a Twitter follow here, and a Linkedin page like there. 

Will it grow your business, possibly yes, but will it grow your business exponentially, probably not!

Is having a Blog a good idea for a website?

Blogging is most definitely a good idea, creating an easy-to-read blog with good relevant content is perfect for attracting web traffic to a site. The art is creating a blog with excellent SEO marketing tools from an SEO expert than can make a difference.

Get In Touch with our SEO expert 

If you need help with SEO content marketing from a SEO expert, then please get in touch with one of our friendly SEO & marketing experts. You can contact us either by telephone or using our contact web-page. 

With our digital & SEO work, we would always respect your privacy policy and never share any information.

We would be more than willing to have an informal chat regarding our marketing and SEO strategies and how we can help grow your online presence.