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What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is simply “Organic Search Engine Optimisation”  and is used to drive traffic naturally to your web pages, it sounds simple but don’t fool yourself, as it’s not so simple, for someone who isn’t SEO savvy or doesn’t have a good marketing strategy, unsure about keyword usage or how to make pages show up on an online search it can be a complete nightmare.

We use our own organic search engine optimization (SEO) data proven strategy to help our customers achieve an online very visible presence, with great naturally achieved organic sales 

If would you like to find out and know more, then let’s dive in a little deeper… and read on!

What is an Organic Search?

An organic search also known as a natural search refers to web traffic coming to your site or page and looking at your site pages using an unpaid method, organic search results are based on relevant page content to a user’s search query.

Organic high-quality relevant information will drive traffic to your site, to rank high with Google your site should include not only keyword rich content text but also content that will connect with a potential customer in a positive meaningful way.

Organic SEO techniques such as the correct use of keywords relevant to marketing your business are a huge key factor to obtaining organic search rankings.

It’s important for Google to understand how popular and trustworthy your site is, you can do this by the use of organic “link building”, high-quality back links are one of the most important factors in obtaining a Google ranking.

Being able to drive organic traffic to your site, social media or blog pages is crucial if you want your pages or site to rank on Google’s first page which, to be honest, not many people ever search past, if guys can’t find what they want or like on the first google page is very unlikely they will look further, they will just search another keyword to find a page they like the look of.

It’s the job of an SEO marketing agency to get a website or blog page onto the first page of Google every time, not just some of the time, but every time without fail, if they don’t succeed then they shouldn’t be paid!

SEO  vs SEM 

The main difference between these two is search engine optimization (SEO) is more about getting traffic to your site in a more natural way (use of specific keywords) whilst “search engine marketing” (SEM) focuses on getting more traffic to your site from organic SEO and paid Ads such as pay per click.


For a local enquiry, local SEO is very effective which in turn grows an organic online presence for longer, with PPC Pay-per-click requires you to spend money to bring potential consumers to your site, as in, every time they click your site link on Google it’s going to cost you money!

Google SEO

Google is a search engine, to please the Google gods you will need good organic SEO to rank your site, pages or blog on a Google search, so the main aim in this game is to have excellent page content with text-relevant SEO keywords relevant to your business, all sounds easy right!

It’s always a good idea to research your competitors, see what they are up to, and if are they using SEO or organic strategies to take custom away from you, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, for sure there is no malicious intent but them as well as you want to be successful.

If you want to be a “top dog” then it’s always cool to have a search around on the net, see what the local guys are doing, whether they have increased their marketing, are using Google paid ads, or paid social media advertising, and then you reacting positively with perhaps a new marketing campaign, updated web pages with different photos or change the text to more SEO friendly with awesome targeted keywords, know who your customers are, local or otherwise and target them accordingly, start a Google paid ads campaign yourself.

There are many things you or a marketing agency can do to make your business more visible to Google which in turn leads to more customers, which in turn leads to more ££££ coming your way, which is what it is all about!

Personally, I would employ a qualified and professional marketing SEO agency to take care of my website, social media, marketing, search-friendly SEO page content with appropriate keywords,  and organic SEO, it would make my life so much easier.

Types Of SEO Marketing Strategies 

In this digital age where the whole world and its mothers are online, as a business owner, you need to keep abreast of the game, it’s so important for your site to be visible to online searches, great SEO is a game changer and done correctly with relevant page content will ultimately bring you more sales and revenue.

White Hat SEO

These SEO Strategies are more focused on providing relevant high-quality page content improving SEO results with no trickery or spammy page content to try and trick search engines, White hat SEO  stays within the boundaries defined by Google, which is what I like.

To obtain great results and rank high with Google and achieve organic search placing, always keep in mind excellent SEO with high-quality page content Google loves!

Black Hat SEO

This SEO is a strategy some unscrupulous businesses or agencies use to try to manipulate search engine rankings, using spamming techniques and techniques to try and cheat a search engine.

Some black hat methods can and will find a loophole in a search engine algorithm for a short time but eventually, these SEO tricks will get a website penalised which will damage the web-page ranking doing more harm than good to your business, so not a good idea in my opinion!

Local SEO

Local SEO is used to help businesses be more visible with local search engine results in their location, in this day and age everyone uses a mobile phone whatever locality you are in if you need something like a Pizza its easy to search “best pizza near me” a local pizza business with good SEO page will come up first on the search results, resulting in more clients and more pizza sales.

Top Tips for SEO and Page Ranking

There is no reason why can’t do your own marketing and SEO  for your site, but being honest it’s not so easy, especially the way Google changes its algorithm all the time, making it very time-consuming to keep up with, which I’m sure most business owners don’t have the time for, creating organic SEO, writing keyword rich page content and marketing for your site and all social media platforms is a full-time job.

Nowadays SEO is very affordable, my way of thinking is to leave it to the SEO experts, leaving you more time for other important business matters.

Here are some tips to get your juices flowing.

Our Organic SEO & Marketing Strategies.

Since you have read this far, you should now have an understanding of the importance and benefits of SEO marketing and what it can do for your business.

This is where we come in as an “Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency”, our experienced SEO team lives and breathes anything digital with digital marketing & organic SEO being our bread & butter so to speak.

So as we are an award-winning digital agency, I guess you want to know what can we do for you, lots of very cool stuff let us assure you will like what you read!

If you looking for new business opportunities in a new market or existing market  Byzz Plus will come up with an SEO strategy to take your content marketing to the next level, are digital marketing & SEO strategies will scale up your brand to a worldwide audience, giving you excellent results growing your business massively.  

So how do we do that… you may ask!

Whether you want your old site updated or a new all-singing-dancing site built, we are here to make that happen, we specialise in website development, and as it’s your storefront, we will make it the nicest on the block.  

We can customise or create an e-commerce site with our marketing and organic SEO strategy increasing your conversion rate dramatically.

Search engines want to find you, especially Google, we can make that happen with our marketing and local SEO & global SEO strategies, creating a landing page and pages with organic compelling easy to read fascinating relevant content. 

The whole world uses social media from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter to name a few, here at Byzz Plus we are able to take your social presence to the next level with our SEO social ads and SEO marketing campaigns using keywords with relevance.

If you already use PPC (pay per click) or are interested in doing so, then just watch how we can transform your online presence with our organic SEO-driven marketing to maximise clicks & conversions.

After reading this article are you still not convinced your business needs organic SEO or keywords to rank your pages, an excellent marketing strategy, Google search-friendly relevant content, or awesome social media SEO content designed to drive more customers and sales your way with awesome search engine results, if the answer is no, then I’m sorry but your out of touch and living in the dark ages!

If the answer is yes, your business needs a “leg up” with organic SEO, marketing strategy, or keywords to get top rankings for your pages, Google-friendly SEO & social media marketing with SEO-friendly friendly content, all resulting in organic growth to aid your business to grow, then get in touch, use our contact us tab on our site or give us a call.

If you are still sat on the fence, unsure of what to do, check out the hundreds of testimonials from all our happy contented clients to our agency, who have used and are still using our site management, marketing and SEO keywords-rich content services today.

Organic growth through awesome keywords is the key to a successful online presence. And guess what, we have the key!

Our sole purpose and intent are to help you make your business grow, End of story!