Organic Search Engine Optimization, what’s it all about?

As per the title Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), what’s it all about, do you want to know, well let’s dive in and find out, read on, please.

The abbreviation SEO stands for search engine optimisation which we use to get higher placements/ranking on a search engine, we want and get with our SEO & marketing strategies and techniques to be ranked on the 1st Google search page., how many people really scroll past the first page, I’d say not too many!

Organic means a “natural way” organically growing and with the use of our SEO techniques and strategies for unpaid search results, Googles search engine organic algorithms will pick up on our organic SEO, and then rank your business on the first page of Google., sounds easy peasy hey… well for our dedicated team of SEO guys it’s doable, well actually very doable, in fact, a certainty we are an Award Winning SEO and Marketing Company.

Hopefully, you have an understanding of what organic search engine optimization does, not just search engine optimization, it’s the “organic” part which makes a huge difference, to put it bluntly, its the key to success if done correctly, if not then it’s the key to disaster, that’s why it is really important to choose a company with a proven track record to undertake any SEO organic search work, I could not think of anything worse than scrolling through pages and pages of Google search results to see where you as a business rank, for our company doing SEO work it has to be the first page or nothing!

So to obtain good Organic search rankings you need page content google likes such as awesome rich keywords, a google ranking algorithm is something that cannot be cheated, get your SEO & marketing right, and keywords in context with your content and correct, get these SEO elements and factors correct will ultimately lead to success and a page or pages that rank with google.

The better your site content pages and keywords are, the higher your business ranks in Google search engines the more likely you will have more visitors, more traffic = high conversion rate = more sales = more ££££ it’s as simple as that, it’s what we all want!

SEO and Google

Google as you are aware is a beast of a search engine, its the world’s number one search engine without a doubt, a search engine which every company in the world wants and strives to get their site to rank on, I won’t beat around the bush, you can, given time and learning and know-how will master the art of SEO & marketing to some degree to do it yourself, but why put it to chance or luck of selecting the appropriate SEO content rich keywords for your site pages or sticking a keyword here on a page without any strategy or in the right order or in the right context for your content to rank, for me it’s a no brainer, leave it to the SEO experts why gamble.

If you are worried about the cost then by all means contact us or chat with us and see what we are about, you will find we are a friendly and very approachable bunch offering a great SEO and marketing service, we only have your best interest at heart and above all, what we can generate and achieve, it’s all very affordable, do you want more dwell time, no problem, all though please read on.

Excellent SEO with Innovative Marketing

Excellent SEO with innovative marketing is a recipe for success for any business, can we do that for your business, 100% we can, we are award-winning SEO & marketing company, remember, so how do we do it, how do we get a page or pages to rank on a site, well without giving away our trade secrets, we can certainly give you an insight into SEO & marketing to make your business flourish getting the results you want and desire, creating a good image for a websites with excellent google organic search results with organic traffic driven directly to your market place.

SEO & Marketing is our bread and butter, whether its brilliant SEO  keyword-rich page content for your site pages to rank on google or a marketing strategy to push your site into the stratosphere 

The Dark and Mysterious World of Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a way to manipulate search engines using ill practices to artificially improve a website ranking, also known as unethical SEO, the name originates from Western movies, good guys and bad guys and of course the good guys wore the white hats.

So what are these unethical practices, it can be hidden text or links, keyword stuffing, doorway and cloaked pages or irrelevant back-links, it basically does not follow Google’s guidelines so is obviously not an approved optimization method for a search engine, which for a very short time could fool a search engine into thinking its a good site and rank it accordingly, sounds great hey, get your site listed right up there with the best of the best as quickly as possible, NO, don’t do it, before you know it a search engines algorithm will realise its got to where it is ranked by unethical SEO or negative SEO  & marketing will banish the site into google’s darkest hole and with the lowest search engine results and page ranking known to man?

Once this happens you might as well give up, the site has been red-flagged and will never get a decent ranking for your pages again, search engine rankings must be obtained correctly, if not it would be a case of back to the drawing board and completely starting from scratch 

So when choosing an SEO & marketing company to rank your website pages always check their SEO & marketing and which colour hat they are wearing, so out of the two, which method would you choose, there is only one answer for good ethical organic white hat SEO & marketing is the only way to go to achieve good results with google, don’t try to cheat the system guys, the results will never end well.

How to Drive Traffic to a Page using SEO

Without a doubt, search engine optimization (SEO) of getting traffic from the free organic natural listings on search engines is imperative, customers turn to search engines for local listings and national listings when deciding what to purchase, and maybe a lot of your business comes from word of mouth or referrals, even this way potential customers will look for you on-line, so it important you can be found very easily with just a few keywords tapped into a google search engine, this is what is needed for success, a good strategy and SEO & marketing tool needs to be in place, optimizing every possibility that your site is on the top of all local search results and search engine reviews.

A major mistake with some companies and consumers is the “set it and forget it” SEO mentality, even if your page is ranking highly it won’t be permanent, your local competitor will try and steal your ranking spot, so you need to keep on the ball, updating SEO content and data using the correct SEO keywords which is the ultimate goal of what we all want, your site content ranking on a search engine results page, especially Google, these results are all achievable using our proven SEO marketing tool methods.

Important SEO Strategies 

Above are a few of the procedures we employ to empower your site to rank with google, with keyword-rich text, pages that make sense to a consumer, including useful links within your site and links to a relevant outside websites all with helpful information.

How to Appease Google Search Gods with Awesome SEO

No getting away from it search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to a websites success, having a site with great data researched SEO optimizing keywords, and kick-ass page content that is organic search page friendly, obtaining search results for both local search and a global search, getting some of these main SEO optimization factors correct is going to be half the battle gaining you fabulous site and page visit results, which is what we all want.

After reading this article you should now know the importance of pleasing search engines, especially a google search engine, optimizing an existing website and pages or building a new website with insanely high-ranking content pages is just some of what we do, for other SEO optimisation and marketing services see below.

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